About the Society

The Social Sciences Research Society (TSSRS) was founded in 2020 with the objective of supporting education and research activities. It is an association of senior educationists, research scholars and business professionals serving various colleges, universities and business organizations in Pakistan. TSSRS is a private organization aiming to provide a platform to innovative academicians in the fields of social sciences. Further TSSRS encourages research activities by organizing research training workshops and publishing high quality international journals.
Principal mission of TSSRS is to enhance education and scholarly activities in academically under developed countries in Asia. TSSRS is dedicated to supporting the activities of education and research in economics, business and finance. SSRI operates as an umbrella organization, promoting co-ordination and teamwork among economists and scholars in terms of the expertise of participants around the world.

About the Journal

International Journal of Business, Economics and Finance (IJBEF) is a Double-blind peer reviewed open access multidisciplinary journal founded in 2020 with the mission of providing high quality scientific content to academic researchers. The editorial board of IJBEF is committed to promote the journal as one of the leading and globally reputable essential reading in social sciences.
International Journal of Business, Economics and Finance (IJBEF) is tri-annual open access journal published by Social Society Research Institute (TSSRS) in January, May and September every year.

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